ContentTools – Building a Marketing Website

Marketing Website

ContentTools, is a B2B SaaS product. Unlike other marketing websites I’ve built, the ContentTools website focused on three different business industries and did not include a consumer market. These three industries were Publishers, Brands and Agencies.


Showcasing the Product

The first obstacle we ran into is an audience who did know what personality quizzes are, but did not know how the other tools in our suite could benefit the.

Solution: I created a product page for each tool with an example of the product. Using Google Analytics and UserTestings Peek service we realized that the audience was not clicking on the products navigation, so we added a call to action on the front page next to the Try it Free button. Then we also made the secondary navigation for the products more visible with icons. These changes, plus a slideshow on the front page, helped showcase the product to our visitors.

Showing Use Cases

Another obstacle we ran into was our partners not knowing what type of content they could produce for their site. While we had published blogs on this we needed a more prominent solution.

Solution: We added a “Customer” tab to our navigation. This allowed us to quickly showcase the big names who have used our tools. Then we created multiple case studies from our past successes to help partners understand how the product is used. To help keep the thoughts moving we also added a “Use Case” section that featured some of the best examples from our customers.

Educating Quickly

We went through several value propositions to help the visitor understand exactly what we offered.

Solution: “Create Interactive Content For Your Website” We landed on this one for a couple of reasons. It says what we do, lets the visitor know they can use it on their website and it was the simplest way to communicate our value proposition. Below our main value proposition we added the top three reasons it benefits a user and call to action buttons.

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