ContentTools – Growing with a Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

ContentTools used content marketing combined with a social media strategy to help engage customers. When ContentTools began blogging, it was mainly a resource for current customers to find information about how they can use our platform. However when we were developing a content marketing strategy we wanted to tackle the bigger problem of informing marketers and publishers about interactive content.

Using interactive content is not an every day occurrence for marketers and publishers. It is a great opportunity to generate leads and drive traffic in a new format for your audience. We needed to educate the audience to understand the benefits of interactive content and the ways interactive content can be included in their content strategy. Then we broadened the topic from interactive content to content marketing in general to reach a focused audience of content marketers.

By writing general articles about content marketing and promoting it through social media and on forums sites like, we put ContentTools in front of the right people.

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