ContentTool – A Lesson in Community Building

ContentTools required a different type of community than the ones I’d previously built. LocalView was all about local and independent businesses that were specific to a city. ContentTools was an international product. We acquired customers not only all over the United States but in multiple countries, including Finland, and Jordan.

Becoming Advocates of our customer’s content was an important step. We often share our partner’s content, as we are constantly excited about what our customers create with our tools. This builds a relationship with their social media team and keeps us top of mind. Becoming advocates also helps others see how our tools are used, helping sell the product to our future customers.

Joining existing communities was also important. I used both my personal brand and the ContentTools brand to participate in #bufferchat, #inboundchat and other related twitter chats to talk to both social media managers (who double as content creators) and inbound marketers. I also became active in’s public forum. This gave me an opportunity to share our content marketing with the Inbound crowd and helped build influence.

Twitter Responding

Responding to people on social media is one of the most important aspects of building a community and relationships. However even when the conversation isn’t directed to you it’s great to keep an ear out for complaints about competitors. This presents an opportunity to reach out an offer your platform as a solution. Even more than LocalView, ContentTools taught me how a brand can be a person on twitter. LocalView was already local, it had a community to join, with ContentTools I had that awkward first day and where I wasn’t sure who to sit with. Yet after finding a groove and putting @GetContentTools out there we’ve started to build our own community.

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