ContentTools – A New Brand for a New Tool


ContentTools, developed out of LocalView when we saw a need for web tools to create Buzzfeed-style quizzes, trivia and polls for publishers and marketers. As LocalView, we saw the value in social engagement increases using this type of content, but we couldn’t find an affordable and ¬†easy to use solution.

ContentTools began in October 2014 as a Software as a Service platform, and has been featured ProductHunt, as well as used by large media companies like Gannett, Scripps and WorldNow.

Overview Achievements:

  • Designed content creation software backend and front-end user experience.
  • Created and Managed the “ContentTools” Brand
  • Developed a Content Marketing Strategy to drive website traffic and generate leads.
  • Built a social media strategy to complement our content marketing efforts.
  • Gained influence through contributed blogs to guest sites.

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