LocalView – Building a Brand

Being on the ground floor of creating a brand was an exciting experience. I not only had direct input on product features and design, but also the community voice and brand management. We transitioned our previous app user base from WhyWait to LocalView. LocalView was a local geo-location iPhone and Android app that allowed users to use Groupon-type deals on the go. We worked with local businesses in Louisville and Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Brand Guidelines

Above you’ll see the Brand Guideline book for LocalView. These guidelines helped our developers and new employees learn about the appropriate use of the logos and additional assets for LocalView. This allowed the company to execute a clear and consistent brand across all platforms.

Community Voice

The most important aspect of any company is reaching their audience, especially with a product with a local focus. While developing our voice we reached out through social media with helpful local information that would benefit our audience. Our first goal when developing our social media base was to share an 80-20 ratio of helpful local information to information promoting our app and the deals. We worked with local business associations and hosted events around town to get the community involved.

Our community voice led us to creating a content marketing campaign that led to brand awareness, increased our following on social media, and subsequently app downloads.


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