LocalView | Customer Marketing Campaigns

LocalView offered digital marketing services to local businesses. We published the most liked, shared and talked-about content in Louisville.

We leveraged tour brand to help local advertisers reach their audience in a more affordable and effective way. We developed campaigns around targeted audiences, sponsored content marketing, and promotion in newsletters.

Some of our successes:

Asia Crane House Asia Institute Crane House

The Asia Institute Crane House turned to us less than two weeks before their yearly fundraiser when ticket sales were low. We matched their brand with multiple sponsored articles over the 2 week period to help them reach their ticket sale goal of 200, and promoted their after party.



Hwangs MarketingHwang’s Martial Arts

Hwang’s Martial Arts partnered with LocalView to promote their all day summer camp. Within the first 3 days of beginning their campaign, LocalView had sent 5 times her normal traffic to her website.

We wrote family-centric articles to target mom’s and dad’s of young children looking for something to do in the summer.



Phone Falcon Campaign Phone Falcon

Phone Falcon was a new company looking to grow brand awareness for their “we travel to you” iPhone and iPad repair service. Their goals when approaching LocalView was to drive website traffic and increase inbound sales calls. We developed a content strategy to accomplish those goals, and outperformed all other marketing efforts including Living Social and Amazon campaigns.

Phone Falcon’s campaign was hugely successful, increasing inbound sales calls 600%, with the average customer sale being $100. They saw a 6.7x return on their investment.

For each of these campaigns, we looked at the target audience to create content that would attract them with focus on conversion. We then promoted this content through social media and email lists as well as running targeted ads on Facebook. This not only drove traffic to their website, but turned visits into sales.

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