LocalView | An Email Marketing Campaign

LocalView relied on social media and email marketing to spread their articles to their audience.

The Campaigns:

Our newsletter went out once weekly to the respective market. Within the newsletter was a list of things to do that weekend and a few local popular articles from our site. I have created html templates for email campaigns before, however for the LocalView campaigns, I worked within Mailchimp. We used newsletters to promote our local content and local events from business partners.

Below you’ll see a newsletter from January 2014 on the left and one from November 2014 on the right.

Email 2Email 1

How we collected emails:

–¬†App Downloads

We collected emails of all of our app users with the option to subscribe to our once weekly newsletter.

– Contests

We ran multiple contest for free tickets for local events to gain email addresses. We promoted these contests through our social media pages to convert our followers to email subscribers.

– Passive sign up

Another way we collected email addresses, was through a passive sign up form that appeared at the end of each article. We specified the form for each market and informed subscribers what we would send them and the frequency of messages.

Passive Follow Box


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