LocalView – What I Learned From My Most Popular Article

LocalView Fall Festival

LocalView focused on local content delivery, driving over 250,000 visitors to the website each month.

My most popular article published on LocalView was 60+ Fall Festivals In & Around Louisville. This post received over 115,000 views and  22,000 Facebook shares.

What I learned:

1. Comprehensive lists take time to compile but pay off in website traffic and engagement in the end.

This list took over 8 hours to compile, researching local festival websites, finding past lists from competitors and then ensuring our content was better.

2. People share what they find valuable.

People loved this list and shared it with their friends and family because it was valuable and useful information. When posted on Facebook, our fans shared it and tagged specific people to make sure they saw the list. It helped them find what to do that fall.

Fall Festival FB Post

3. Timing is everything.

When planning the launch of this post, timing was everything. I published it before a competitor was going to publish their list, making it the first post of it’s type to reach our audience.

View more of my posts on LocalView.co, or head to my Contently Portfolio.

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