LocalView – A Multi-City Social Media Strategy

LocalView Mulitple States

LocalView first launched in Bowling Green and Louisville. We then expanded to the Cincinnati market. We used social media and email marketing to distribute and promote our content. Our main networks for each city were Facebook and Twitter. We also maintained Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr accounts for the Louisville market.

1. Build a Base

The first step in the social media strategy was to build a base of influencers and advocates using Twitter and Facebook. When entering a market, we followed local business, event venues, and media sources to get a feel for each market.

2. Monitoring

After building a base of influencers, we monitored and listened to the community. This allowed us to reach out to potential customers and find advocates who would be likely to share our content.

3. Set Goals and Measurements

We determined goals for social media and gained engagement through shares and comments, finding value in the quality of followers instead of quantity. We measured success by traffic driven to the LocalView website.

4. Audience

Another element of the social media strategy was determining demographics and characteristics of our audience. On Facebook we focused on mom’s, whereas on twitter we could focus more on events and local information for young professionals.

5. Be Local 

One of the most important parts of the strategy was maintaining a local voice. We needed to be human, and connect to locals in the community through social media.

6. Distribution Schedule

The last step of the strategy was the perfect timing, and frequency of our content. We learned on twitter it was easier to share content multiple times, and on Facebook, peak times were in the evening and early morning.

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