WhyWait the App – Marketing a Mobile App


WhyWait offered a consumer facing app that required participation from restaurants. It was a bit of a chicken before the egg situation. While we listed all popular restaurants on the app, we needed to get the restaurants to participate to show their deals, happy hours and wait times. However, we also needed users to download the app to make it an appealing for restaurants to join.

We tackled this problem by designing a website that marketed to both sides of the market. Then we developed a targeted social media and local marketing strategy to drive app downloads. To attract restaurants we created an inbound content marketing campaign targeted at restaurant owners and marketing managers.

To drive app downloads:

  • Created graphics and helped develop message for a Pandora App install campaign.
  • Built a social media presence to promote the app through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Create awareness for a university charity campaign to drive downloads.

To reach restaurant marketers:

  • Developed Socialbites, a resource specifically targeted to restaurant marketers.
  • Designed and researched Infographics and Ebooks for social media restaurant marketers.


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