WhyWait the App – Redesigning a Mobile App



The WhyWait app was developed with a lot of functionality, and the importance of making it easier for users to find and use core functionality was evident after the launch of version 1. I helped develop the version 2 design to improve usability and user experience.

A few of the problems: 

  • The icon, seen in the middle screenshot above is of two people meeting, this confused some users, thinking it was a dating app as opposed to a restaurant app.
  • The Restaurant Profiles displayed a lot of information, but the wait time didn’t stand out enough and was crowded by other buttons and wording.
  • Many restaurants didn’t have social media pages and/or videos to link to, making the profile look bare.
  • Restaurants wanted to link to their deals on their profile.
  • Users didn’t realize they could favorite restaurants, the favorite heart was hidden and looks like a red cross symbol.

A few of the fixes:

  • First step was choosing a new logo to clarify branding.
  • Lighten the background, to increase the readability and cleanliness of the design.
  • Changed the heart favorite button to a star button, moving it down to the bottom navigation.
  • Adding a scrolling bar with the most important information about the restaurant up front.
  • Changing Icons to better represent information.

This was a great project to be a part of, and my first app I helped design. One of the biggest challenges I overcame was learning the difference between Android and iPhone UX.


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